One of the first questions a potential customer would like to know when they call TDI Networks is: How much will setting up my office a with a Server and computers cost? Although this is a very difficult question to answer, I will try to do my best here to explain some general pricing guidelines.

The setup of a Computer network or a Voice over IP Phone system for your office is much like the purchase of a vehicle or even a home. With so many options available, price ranges can vary drastically. Just as a Honda Accord can start around 25K with just a basic package. It can quickly cost over 40K once a shopper adds such items as all-leather interior, Chrome finishes, Satellite-Linked Navigation system, Dual Exhaust, upgraded wheels, etc.

Considering that the average American sells or trades their vehicle the first five years of purchase, why do so many people elect to get so many upgrades? The answer is because most people understand the importance of getting what they want the first time so as to not have any regrets down the road. Because most Americans spend an average of 96 minutes a day in their vehicles, they want to make sure their vehicle will provide them with comfort, quality, longevity and ease of use.

These same principles typically apply to most Business grade Computer networks and VoIP Phone systems.

Once you park your car and walk into your place of business, Chances are you will be in front of your computer and answering your customers calls from your phone system. Choosing the right options for your Computer and phone system the first time is critical to ensure maximum performance with the least number of interruptions and minimum Maintenance costs.

Unfortunately, some people only focus on the initial price of a Server, Computer or Phone system with the goal of finding the cheapest IT Setup team, therefore sacrificing low-Maintenace, quality, warranty, which inevitably leads to regret – especially considering that unlike a vehicle, once a computer network and infrastructure is in place, it cannot be traded in.

Finally, just like a vehicle. IT infrastructure needs to be maintained in order to keep it from malfunctioning. Just like a vehicle needs an oil change, Tires replaced, Wind Shield fluid refilled and Brake pads when you hear that squeaky noise coming from your wheels. Having a plan to properly backup your data, Compliancy, Cybersecurity in place to protect you from Ransomware attacks and having your computers with the most current updates is critical in keeping your office network in running order.